Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Links of the week

If you're like me and you miss old-time hockey, enjoy this video of a long, drawn-out brawl between Russian hockey teams Aq Bars Kazan and Traktor Chelyabinsk. And you thought Islanders-Rangers was heated.

Kudos to the poster for laying down the cool jazz background. Also props to the Russian sports network that broadcasted this game for providing slow-motion replays of the best parts of the fight as it drags on. It's six minutes long. It starts after a goal, spills into the corner, then gets re-energized at center ice. Love the guy at the end raising his arms to the crowd.

Foilin' up, coach!

While we're at it, watch these guys throw down. Ouch.

Makes you pine for the days of Joey Kocur, Chris Nilan, Jay "The Killer" Miller, and of course, Clark Gillies. Wonder what Ed Hospodar is up to these days?

And for more laughs, check this out - courtesy of my man Mike D, aka Crazy Joe Davola. Is it real or fake? Who cares? I like how her 'brush with sports greatness' involved former Bengals kicker Jim Breech and a Red Lobster, and how she refuses to get into what happened when she moderated a Celine Dion message board. Some things you just don't talk about.

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