Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dubie, Dubie, Dubie, Du-BEEEEEEE...

Dubie, Dubie, Dubie, Du-BYE!!

Can't get that song by The Stories out of my head now that it's been announced that Wade Dubielewicz will start Thursday night's rematch against the Rangers at the Coliseum. It's a curious move by Ted Nolan for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that Rick DiPietro is back and ready to go and is unquestionably the starting goalie for this team.

You'd think that after getting two strong efforts from Dubie while DiPietro was attending to family matters, Nolan wouldn't press his luck looking for number three. And don't you think that DiPietro, who has carried this team for much of the season, isn't raring to get back in there, especially at home against the hated Rangers? Don't you think he'll be a LITTLE bit P.O.'d? Why mess with him?

And then there's this S.A.T. analogy: Dubie is to the Rangers as Garth Snow was to the Flyers. Is that true now?

Maybe we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let's just focus on winning the game tonight, then getting DiPietro back in the nets, where he'll hopefully remain for the next 13 games, plus playoffs. Needless to say, I'd LOVE to be there tonight, but having just returned from a conference in sunny Palm Springs, I'm still getting my work and home lives in order and can't spare the evening out, so I will instead watch from the comfort of the living room.

What a game I missed, though (gotta get myself a Slingbox, I guess). Another blown two-goal lead, but winning in an extra-long shootout only makes a win over the Rangers that much sweeter, and the sting that much more painful for Blueshirts fans. And you love seeing a guy like Tambellini score the game-winner in an atmosphere like that. What a confidence boost.

And let's face it, Dubie played well so you don't mind giving him another shot and playing the hot hand. But me? I'd thank Dubie for filling in so well, then hand the mask to D.P. and tell him to go beat the Rangers. Either way, with the Isles three points behind the Flyers for eighth place -- a win is a win.

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