Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game recap: Islanders 3, Sharks 2

Did we say something about things getting better all the time?

Oh, the record is getting better, that's for sure. Monday afternoon's stirring, 3-2 comeback victory over the Sharks was the Isles' fourth straight win and set the team just a point away from the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. But it came with a cost as Andy Sutton tore a hamstring near game's end and will be out for the season.

If you're scoring at home (or as Keith Olbermann used to say, or even if you're by yourself), that's two defensemen lost for the year in Sutton and Campoli, and two more on the shelf in Witt and Gervais. Drew Fata was recalled from the Tigers. Gervais is day-to-day while Witt will be out another week or more. And Mike Sillinger is also gone. Yeesh.

Not sure why the hockey gods are so mad at us. Was the Fisherman logo THAT bad? (Yes. Yes, it was.)

Sutton's hammy aside, Monday's win was terrific and saw more outstanding play from Freddy Meyer (game winner) and Mike Comrie, whose game-tying goal made a fool of San Jose's Kyle McLaren. Kudos also to Rick DiPietro, who came up huge in the waning moments as the Sharks circled, looking for the equalizer.

Meanwhile, the trading deadline is a week away and the GMS are meeting in Florida. I think there would be more deals if they met in a colder climate. Too much sun and warmth is too distracting for these guys, who must have spring fever.

I can see it now: "Up next on SportsCenter, a record 132 trades at the NHL's GM meeting in Yellowknife."

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