Monday, February 18, 2008

It's getting better all the time...

Team records? Goals by the bushel? Free chili?

Quite a difference from just a week ago but the Islanders' fortunes are looking brighter with three straight wins coming into Monday's matinee against the Sharks. It's funny but when the Islanders lost to the Penguins and the Wild, the postgame commentary was all about how the effort was there and they were playing well, and while they did look better the results still weren't there and you got the feeling that it was just so much talk.

Well, three wins and 13 goals later, the Isles are three points out of a playoff spot. A big win against Philly followed by a terrific win on the road against Toronto, scoring four power play goals and killing four of five on the PK. Then Saturday's effort against the Thrashers in front of a sellout, limiting Atlanta to just 10 shots on goal, a team record. Wow. Throw in 49 shots for and you have as dominating a win as you'll see.

Imagine what the defense can do once Witt and Gervais get back. And it's great to see how well Freddy Meyer has been playing, and how guys like Fedotenko and Satan, Bergenheim and Comrie have picked up their games. Auditioning for the trade deadline? Perhaps, but the bottom line is the team is in the mix again and looks to be turning it on at the right time.

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