Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Progress but still no wins; what now?

Two road games, no wins, two blown leads with less than four minutes left in the third period and one point don't add up to much other than the continuation of what is now a seven-game winless streak.

Yes, there have been signs of progress. But forgive me for not getting excited about scoring three goals for two straight games. With 26 games left in the season, tonight's home game against the Flyers needs to be the start of the turnaround if the Islanders are going to make the playoffs. They are six points behind the eighth-place Bruins so it's well within reach.

My man Crazy Joe Davola commented recently that the Isles are likely to be sellers at the deadline, and after further review I agree with him. Newsday is also speculating about who will stay and who will go. With so many free-agents-to-be, and with a deep draft expected, signs seem to be pointing to 'seller.'

Figure Satan, Comrie and Bergeron are the prime suspects to leave. Vasicek should stay, and while I like Hunter, I don't see him in the future. I like Fedotenko's style of play and wouldn't mind him sticking around.

And you know something? Just because they may be 'selling' veterans doesn't mean they won't be 'buying' players in return. If they can stock up on young talent, fine. And even if they deal those veterans, I'd rather see them throw in all the youngsters -- Tambellini, Okposo, Comeau, Johnson, Nielsen -- and let them have at it and battle for that last playoff spot.

Meanwhile, we'll see if the snow tonight holds down the crowd. This team can use all the help it can get.

The Islanders' Web site mentioned a new women's track world record in the indoor 60-meter hurdles set by Susanna Kallur, daughter of Anders Kallur, one of the "Core of the Four." Read more about her here. She also has a twin sister, Jenna, who is also a top hurdler for Sweden.

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