Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blogfather Botta resigns

Chris Botta ended his 20-plus-year tenure with the Islanders this week, resigning as the team's VP of media relations.

Botta created the Blog Box, and for that reason alone I'm indebted to him and his vision. The Isles were the first major sports franchise to give media credentials to a group of bloggers and will likely not be the last, regardless of what Buzz Bissinger has to say about it.

Botta had an interesting career with the Isles with more ups and downs than the Cyclone. He is also a terribly nice guy and a true professional and I'm sure he'll land on his feet in a situation that will be beneficial to him and his family. So Chris, best of luck to you and thank you again for the opportunity to cover the Islanders as a member of the Blog Box. I'm sure we'll be seeing you down the road.

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