Monday, May 19, 2008

Botta hits the nail on the head

Thankfully, Chris Botta is continuing his blog through July 7, answering questions and posting quality stuff like this, pointing out the hypocrisy of sports columnists like Serena Roberts.

One the one hand, she wants to make 'connections' with athletes like LeBron James who are encased in a cocoon of PR people. On the other hand, she feels she can throw someone like Eric Cairns under the bus and use him to make an example of the NHL without attending a game, calling the team or even trying to interview Cairns.

There are a lot of lazy sportswriters out there. They have their preconceived notions and would rather spout out their opinions, however misinformed, rather than do research, which may (God forbid) alter their perceptions and force them to write something different or fresh.

Apparently, Cairns wasn't big-time enough for Roberts to make an effort. Too bad.

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