Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remember when

When is the next time the New York Islanders will make it to the cover of Sports Illustrated? The way the NHL is covered in this country, 'never' may be the best answer.

So enjoy this trip back in time, when the venerable E.M. Swift penned the SI cover story on the Islanders' victory over the Canadiens in the 1984 conference finals.

It's all there - the greatness of Bossy, the toughness of Gillies, the outstanding play of rookie Pat Flatley, the tenacity of Billy Smith. Swift goes on to predict the Isles winning a fifth straight cup, but his piece includes many signs of Islander vulnerability: too many penalties (especially by Trottier), a more time on the PK than the PP, injuries, and lower production from players like Potvin.

Still, it's a great reminded of the glory days, and I'll say it again - DAMN, were we spoiled!

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