Friday, June 20, 2008

Another trade, and the exodus begins

Fans are walking out as another trade is announced - the Isles trading seven to Nashville for the ninth pick and Nashville's 40th pick overall.

This one I can't defend as much - although in what is supposed to be a very, very deep draft, the Isles now have four second-round picks. And the difference between Hodgson, Wilson, maybe Kyle Beach - isn't that much. So to recap, the Isles traded the fifth pick for the ninth pick and added two second-round picks this year, and either a second or third round pick next year.

Again, armchair GMs love getting value when moving down, and maybe that's what the Isles have gotten here.

Wilson is taken by Nashville, by the way. Good luck, fellow Terrier.

But the fans, who were hoping to get an impact player, a top-five player, are very disappointed and have voiced that displeasure here at the draft party, which has become less of a party and more of a mob gathering.

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