Friday, June 20, 2008

The deal... a good one?

The trade: Isles and Leafs swap five and seven, the Isles get either a second and a third in 2009, or a second and a second in 2009, at the Isles' option.

That's a lot of value to move down two slots. The Isles will still get a very good player at seven, Schenn or Hodgson, or maybe even Filatov, which will at least keep the fans happy.

UPDATE: Leafs take Schenn. So what does Columbus want? I've heard they're not looking at Filatov but wanted defense -- but all the top D-men are taken. Unless they Meyers or DelZotto, which would be a little high. If Columbus likes Hodgson, the Isles fans who love Filatov should build a statue of Garth Snow.

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crazyjoedavola said...

Home watching, kids already sleeping. Like the trade. They need the depth. By the way, the TSN guys are acting like Schenn is Bobby Orr and Ray Borque combined. Its a little early fellas