Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wings over America; Milbury does it again

Belated congratulations to the Red Wings, who took the Cup in six games -- as I predicted -- over the Penguins, who should be the favorite in the East again next season, depending on what happens with their many potential free agents, and coach Michel Therien, who may or may not be very well-liked in the Pens' clubhouse.

And we know how player revolts go around here, don't we?

Meanwhile, Mike Milbury opened his mouth last week, which often doesn't end well. Responding to an off-the-cuff remark by Tiger Woods about how he didn't follow the NHL playoffs ("I don't think anybody really watches hockey anymore") Milbury called Woods "Tiger Wuss" and then went on about how tough hockey players are compared to pretty much everyone else.

I always liked Milbury's personality and he has had some great quotes over the years. For a long time I was one of the few Milbury defenders in Islanders Nation, until the evidence engulfed me like a landslide. And he is brash and opinionated, which makes him an interesting voice. But this was silly and just makes Mad Mike look insane. Take it down a notch, Mikey. For everyone's sake.

Looking ahead, the Blog Box will be well-represented at the Islanders Draft Party at the Coliseum June 20, with some surprises in store.

And if you want a peek at the list of 2008 free agents, here you go.

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7th Woman said...

If nothing else, Milbury is a "quote machine" that helps ratings. See ya soon!